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Mystery Photo #10
2006-09-05 06:51
by Score Bard

Mystery Photo Number 10 comes courtesy of Toaster Member das411. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help figure out the who/when/where of the photo.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks to all who have sent in photos. I have enough to keep us going another few weeks. Nonetheless, please send in more. If you have any old (non-copyrighted) MLB photos that might suit this game, please email them to mystery At humbug .com.

2006-09-05 07:05:29
1.   Sam DC
Well, top of the eighth at Citizen's Bank Park.
2006-09-05 07:07:14
2.   coreyk626
Looks like the Phillies scored in the fourth.
2006-09-05 07:07:30
3.   coreyk626
And Jim Thome is the first baseman, of this I'm sure.
2006-09-05 07:09:04
4.   coreyk626
And am I crazy, or does it look like the Yankees were playing the Red Sox that day on the out of town scoreboard to the left?
2006-09-05 07:13:51
5.   coreyk626
Also, not to state the obvious, but it looks like David Bell had just made a play (based on his being shown on the scoreboard). The visiting player jogging down the first base line would be the guy who just got thrown out.
2006-09-05 07:16:38
6.   coreyk626
Also... might the shortstop be Tomas Perez and not Jimmy Rollins--it kind of looks like he has a single-digits jersey number. Perez wears #9; Rollins #11.
2006-09-05 07:20:13
7.   Cliff Corcoran
Adding to the obvious, but, it's a day game. Is there a score for Yanks Sox? If not, could be a day game on a day the Yanks-Sox game was a night game.
2006-09-05 07:22:08
8.   DXMachina
7 It looks like 4-1 Sox in an on-going game.

The visiting player's uniform looks vaguely like the Cubs. There's a blue stripe down the leg.

2006-09-05 07:24:48
9.   Bluebleeder87

i was thinking Dodgers or Cubbies as well, i also wanna say an avious the philly fanatic is up to his old trix goofing around & stuff.

2006-09-05 07:28:33
10.   das411
Only one of the players in this photo (not counting the Phanatic of course, Bluebleeder87) is still with these teams.

Just FYI.

2006-09-05 07:29:36
11.   thinkblue88
Looks like a Montreal Expo uniform.
2006-09-05 07:30:50
12.   DXMachina
Actually, I think it's the Expos on April 17, 2004. Perez played short, Bell at third, and Thome at first.

Sox beat the Yankees 5-2 in a day game, and it was 4-1 in the 6th

2006-09-05 07:32:39
13.   coreyk626
I agree with DXMachina. In that game, the Phillies scored 3 in the first and 2 in the fourth.
2006-09-05 07:34:31
14.   coreyk626
That was the third regular season game ever played at Citizens Bank Park.
2006-09-05 07:35:39
15.   coreyk626
And the runner who just grounded out would be Orlando Cabrera, for the first out of the eighth inning.
2006-09-05 07:35:40
16.   das411
12, 13 - Right so far, but which play is this and who all is visible?
2006-09-05 07:37:27
17.   coreyk626
The pitcher is Roberto Hernandez. The second baseman is Placido Polanco.
2006-09-05 07:40:08
18.   DXMachina
The second base umpire is Jeff Kellogg, and Doug Eddings is at third.
2006-09-05 07:40:09
19.   Cliff Corcoran
And the left fielder and two umps? And the current score in this game?
2006-09-05 07:40:45
20.   DXMachina
Pat Burrell is in left.
2006-09-05 07:41:06
21.   coreyk626
The left fielder is Pat Burrell. The score at the time was 5-3. The Phillies would go on to win 6-3.
2006-09-05 07:41:14
22.   das411
Bah, right when I go to post my Q...

Good job guys! I had a couple other pix of people hanging over the Expos bullpen but then I looked up that those relievers had pitched in both games that weekend. Amazing how this game was only two years ago and only Burrell in LF is with the Phils guys also could have noticed the LF measurements which were changed after that 04 season, and again when the wall was moved back this past winter. Congrats!

2006-09-05 07:41:22
23.   DXMachina
And it's 5-3 Phils.
2006-09-05 07:43:49
24.   coreyk626
Oh my God, I just realized somehting. I had tickets for this game. I was visiting a friend who went to UPenn... I had tickets for a Saturday day game in April against the Expos... but for some reason I thought they were for the Sunday game, so we showed up the next day and the ticket-taker had to point out to us that we had missed our game. We didn't end up going inside. I got to finally see a game there the following Spring.
2006-09-05 07:54:50
25.   das411
Oh wow, small world coreyk626! This was my first time at the new ballpark too, the game itself was not all that remarkable but the strangest part was going up top and looking over on the wreckage of the Vet next door. Did you get any stadium-rocks?
2006-09-05 07:57:21
26.   coreyk626
No stadium rocks, though my friend was present (parked on a nearby freeway overpass) when they demo'd The Vet.
2006-09-05 07:57:39
27.   kylepetterson
I'm gonna have nightmares of that green thing staring at me....
2006-09-05 09:54:37
28.   BALCO Lab Rats
Go Expos!

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