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Mystery Photo #9
2006-08-30 06:51
by Score Bard

Mystery Photo Number Nine Number Nine Number Nine comes courtesy of Garth Sears. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help figure out the who/when/where of the photo.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks to all who have sent in photos. I have enough to keep us going another few weeks. Nonetheless, please send in more. If you have any old (non-copyrighted) MLB photos that might suit this game, please email them to mystery At humbug .com.

2006-08-30 07:20:17
1.   kylepetterson
The Durango was redesigned in '04, so it's most likely the 2004 season and I'm guessing.....the Royals?
2006-08-30 07:21:39
2.   kylepetterson
And I think it's a pretty safe bet that it's not the post season...
2006-08-30 07:23:03
3.   dickbaveta
It is definitely the Royals and White Sox at Kauffman in 2005.
2006-08-30 07:24:47
4.   Cliff Corcoran
Royals at home against the White Sox, Buddy Bell manager, Paul Phillips catcher, Angel Berroa coming in from short. The lack of black on the uniforms makes me thing it's this year, not last. Number 15 is Mark Grudzelanek in from his 2B position.
2006-08-30 07:28:05
5.   dickbaveta
Well, if it is this year it is from 7/31-8/2, the only games Phillips played vs the White Sox.
2006-08-30 07:29:02
6.   dickbaveta
Check that, Berroa didn't play on the 31st.
2006-08-30 07:32:45
7.   dickbaveta
And the pitcher really looks to me like Ambiorix Burgos who gave up 3 in the 10th before getting pulled on 8/1/06.
2006-08-30 07:39:22
8.   Cliff Corcoran
If it is this year, 7 has the date right. Here's the box score:

2006-08-30 07:42:19
9.   Cliff Corcoran
And Burgos is the only right-handed pitcher of color who was removed mid-inning in that game.
2006-08-30 07:44:07
10.   kylepetterson
The hard part is going to be guessing who the kid in the blue t-shirt is.

Is it.....Joey?

2006-08-30 07:45:44
11.   Cliff Corcoran
For what it's worth, this is the only other home game Paul Phillips played against the White Sox, this from 2005:

2006-08-30 07:47:34
12.   Cliff Corcoran
10 I'm trying to figure out who the White Sox player is, but all of the action surrounding Burgos getting pulled in the tenth involves Caucasian players.

Meanwhile, I just noticed in the play-by-play that Bell got ejected after making the pitching change.

2006-08-30 07:49:19
13.   Cliff Corcoran
12 On second though, I think it's Jermaine Dye. The hitter due up when Burgos was pulled was Rob Mackowiak, Dye was the on-deck hitter.
2006-08-30 07:52:48
14.   dickbaveta
Was the on deck hitter when Mackowiak batted not Iguchi?
2006-08-30 07:58:50
15.   kylepetterson
Dye would have been after Iguchi.
2006-08-30 08:27:34
16.   Cliff Corcoran
Oops, I see what happened, I eyeballed the ninth inning:

R Mackowiak singled to left center.
T Iguchi fouled out to right.
R Mackowiak to second on wild pitch by A Burgos. J Dye struck out swinging.

Made it look like Dye batted after Mackowiak. Still, if not Dye, then who is that White Sock?

2006-08-30 08:30:21
17.   Cliff Corcoran
Left Fielder Emil Brown, Second Base Ump Marty Foster.

White Sox bullpen, security guard, Joey.

2006-08-30 08:50:40
18.   cryptic
It's not a player for the Sox it's the batboy
2006-08-30 09:45:54
19.   Travis
16 If I had to guess, it's Mackowiak, who wandered over to that area when Bell came out of the dugout, as best I could tell on The player is clearly wearing a helmet, which means that it's not a coach, and the White Sox dugout was on the 3rd base side, so I don't think it could be any other player
2006-08-30 10:07:28
20.   kylepetterson
Isn't Mackowiak caucasian?
2006-08-30 10:15:49
21.   Travis
20 Yeah, but his apparent skin tone might be an effect of the lighting. Check out Buddy Bell's left arm (snow white) compared to his right (similar to that of the mystery player).
2006-08-30 10:20:10
22.   kylepetterson
Bell's right arm is in the shadow, sox player isn't. He has dark skin.
2006-08-30 10:26:57
23.   Cliff Corcoran
Yeah, there's no way that Sox guy is white. I suppose it could be the batboy.
2006-08-30 10:28:07
24.   Travis
If the person pictured is a player, he's clearly a lefty batter (no ear flap on his right ear).

Check out the picture of Mackowiak here:

2006-08-30 10:38:36
25.   Travis
24 That should be left ear.
2006-08-30 10:44:21
26.   dickbaveta
Why would the White Sox batboy be that far onto the Royals dugout side? Anderson singled right before the pitching change, and it seems unlikely a right handed batter carried the bat that far down the line.
2006-08-30 10:47:36
27.   dickbaveta
I also can't find any pictures of Anderson wearing a shin guard or something a batboy would have to retrieve at first.

Are we sure that isn't Mackowiak like in the picture #24 linked to?

2006-08-30 11:33:16
28.   xaphor
Could it be the White Sox's first base coach who might have wondered down the line?
2006-08-30 11:35:22
29.   Travis
28 Harold Baines has darker skin than that, and wasn't wearing a helmet.
2006-08-30 23:00:20
30.   MJJ
This is my first crack at one of these, so I don't have all the answers, but this much I'm sure of:

This can't be 2005. The AT&T logos seen on the sign in the outfield are the new one that was introduced after their merger with SBC late last year (after the season...especially the Royals' season...was over). So it can only be from this year, 2006. Beyond that, I don't know, but I hope that helps someone figure out something.

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