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Mystery Photo #7
2006-08-21 09:25
by Score Bard

Our seventh mystery photo comes courtesy of Cliff Corcoran. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help figure out the who/when/where of the photo.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks for all who sent in photos this weekend. I have enought to keep us going another couple weeks. Nonetheless, please send in more. If you have any old (non-copyrighted) MLB photos that might suit this game, please email them to mystery At humbug .com.

2006-08-21 09:28:45
1.   Bob Timmermann
My initial guess (and it was wrong last time) is Houston at St. Louis.
2006-08-21 09:29:21
2.   Bob Timmermann
It's also relatively early in the game since you can still see the lines in the batters boxes.
2006-08-21 09:30:17
3.   Bob Timmermann
The bigger question is: Why was Cliff in St. Louis?
2006-08-21 09:39:35
4.   mehmattski
I dunno, I'm thinking its the Nationals, not the Cardinals. The red letters on the jersey look more blockish, and I don't see teh characteristic birds on a baseball bat. Nats jersey here:

2006-08-21 09:42:10
5.   King of the Hobos
Mike Matheny wore 22, so if it is the Cardinals, the game occurred before 2000 or after 2004. The pitcher is pretty clearly 22, but what's the catcher? 19?
2006-08-21 09:42:55
6.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I did say I could be wrong. Especially since the Cardinals haven't had a 22 pitching them for quite a while.
2006-08-21 09:43:25
7.   yankz
No Cardinals pitchers on the current roster wear number 22, which I'm pretty sure is the pitcher's number. Another year? A DFA'd pitcher this year? Nationals after all?
2006-08-21 09:43:28
8.   mehmattski
If its the Nationals, that narrows it down to 2005/2006. In 2005, John Patterson (#22) made a start against the Astros on July 24, going 8 innings:

2006-08-21 09:43:35
9.   Padgett
John Patterson is #22 for the Nats; that pitching motion is too similar for that not to be him.

2006-08-21 09:43:46
10.   Travis
#22 for the Nationals is John Patterson; #29 is Gary Bennett.
2006-08-21 09:44:08
11.   King of the Hobos
John Patterson wears 22. Gary Bennett wore 29, so I'm guessing that's the battery.
2006-08-21 09:44:27
12.   yankz
I'm starting to agree with post 4.
2006-08-21 09:46:29
13.   yankz
Guzman at short?
2006-08-21 09:46:46
14.   King of the Hobos
I think this is probably the game;
2006-08-21 09:47:14
15.   Travis
#8 must have the game right. If so, the batter has to be Morgan Ensberg, the only Astro righty to bat with a runner on second.
2006-08-21 09:48:29
16.   Travis
15 Correction: it could also be Humberto Quintero.
2006-08-21 09:54:09
17.   Padgett
I think that's likely Ensberg. Quintero is a stout guy, listed at 5-9, 215, while Ensberg is five inches taller at about the same weight. Plus, Quintero (sometimes?) has some ankle armor.
2006-08-21 09:55:18
18.   mehmattski
Patterson did not pitch in the four HOU at WAS games this year, so its gotta be 7/24/05. Palmeiro was on second with Ensberg up in both the first and third innings. It could also be Everett on second with Quintero at the plate (second inning). I agree with Bob that its early in the game, so those are the three choices.
2006-08-21 09:55:44
19.   King of the Hobos


In my opinion, the runner has Everett's frame, as he appears skinnier than the already small Guzman, although Palmeiro's not much larger.

2006-08-21 10:00:13
20.   mehmattski
Yeesh. I've just set up perhaps the first unsolvable mystery:

Palmeiro singled and stole second in the first. Then he doubled in the third. Is it even possible to distinguish which situation this picture follows? At the very least, here's all the people:

AB: Morgan Ensberg
On Second: Orlando Palmeiro
Nats C: Gary Bennett
Nats 3B: Carlos Baerga
Nats SS: Cristian Guzman
Umps: HP Troy Fullwood,
2B James Hoye
3B Dana DeMuth
None of the 39203 fans.

Luckily Cliff cut out the third base ump so I don't have to do more digging like the last two...

2006-08-21 10:01:06
21.   Padgett
Well, the possible innings are these, right?

ASTROS 1ST: Taveras grounded out (shortstop to first); Palmeiro
singled to center; Berkman popped to second; Palmeiro stole
second; Ensberg singled to third [Palmeiro to third]; Lamb flied
to right; 0 R, 2 H, 0 E, 2 LOB. Astros 0, Nationals 0.

ASTROS 2ND: Everett singled to center; Vizcaino popped to third;
Everett stole second; Quintero struck out; Rodriguez struck out;
0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Astros 0, Nationals 0.

ASTROS 3RD: Taveras was called out on strikes; Palmeiro doubled
to right; Berkman flied to left; Ensberg was called out on
strikes; 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Astros 0, Nationals 0.

ASTROS 6TH: Berkman doubled to center; Ensberg flied to center
[Berkman to third]; Lamb hit a sacrifice fly to right [Berkman
scored]; Everett struck out; 1 R, 1 H, 0 E, 0 LOB. Astros 1,
Nationals 1.

I would say the last one is out; the runner on second doesn't look like Berkman.

2006-08-21 10:01:37
22.   mehmattski
20 I meant third base coach, not ump. The ump is DeMuth.

Sadly, I doubt we can solve the 1st or 3rd inning mystery, unless we say that the batters' box would have been more destroyed by the third inning...

2006-08-21 10:03:23
23.   Padgett
One distinction between the 1st and 3rd innings could be whether Palmeiro had to slide into second on his double. Does second base look like it just had a close play? I'm not sure.
2006-08-21 10:06:03
24.   Mr Customer
23 If there was a slide on the double, it's definitely the first. Palmeiro's uniform is pretty clean.
2006-08-21 10:07:15
25.   Cliff Corcoran
I'm not sure I can help distinguish the inning either. Perhaps tonight I can go through the other photos I took at the game to look for additional clues (assuming I took a bunch of photos in one inning and then put my camera away, which is what I typically do).

You guys, of course, got the game right. Perhaps the most boring game I've ever attended. Just brutally dull. I was hoping the Astros would pinch-hit Roger Clemens as the extra innings drudged on (they did pinch-hit Brandon Backe and the Nat's pinch ran Ryan Drese), but no luck. At least it was a beautiful day and I was sitting in a shady part of the upper deck with some good friends.

2006-08-21 10:08:23
26.   mehmattski
24 Except that the stolen base was in the first, and almost certainly had a slide. Then again, Everett also stole second, so that doesn't really help.
2006-08-21 10:09:11
27.   Cliff Corcoran
24 Quite possible. I know I took some photos before the game started, so I might have kept my camera out, snapped some action shots in the first and then put it away. But I can't say for sure.

Oh, and yes, I stayed for the whole thing.

2006-08-21 10:23:49
28.   Travis
I just checked the archive on MLB.TV:

Palmeiro slid on his stolen base; his right pant leg is clearly dirty in both the first and third innings.
Both batter's boxes are still visible in the third inning.
Palmeiro didn't have to slide on his double.

2006-08-21 10:28:51
29.   Padgett
I zoomed in Photoshop and noticed, albeit with a low degree of confidence, that:

(1) the runner seems to have a left ear flap;
(2) the batter seems to have sideburns;
(3) the batter seems to have a narrow stance;
(4) there appears to have been at least some action at third base.

Palmeiro's a lefty; Ensberg is clean shaven and has a fairly wide stance; and in the 1st no play had yet gone to third. Plus, the opposite batter's box looks more messy than if only two batters had used it (the case in the 1st).

Thus, I'm now for the Everett/Quintero situation in the 2nd.

2006-08-21 12:30:48
30.   Bob Timmermann
But has Cliff ever been to St. Louis?
2006-08-21 12:32:14
31.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-08-21 12:41:36
32.   Bob Timmermann

You can go there to watch the Yankees play Games 3 and 4 of the World Series this year.

2006-08-21 18:51:52
33.   das411
Why would the (Mets/Dodgers/Astros/PHILLIES) be playing their home games in St. Louis Bob?
2006-08-21 23:54:39
34.   Ravenscar
What if I said I thought it would HAVE to be the first inning, because the infield dirt is still wet from having been watered down? I think by the 3rd it wouldn't be that wet. For that reason, I say it's the 1st inning. Not only that, the spots that AREN'T wet would come from the little bit of running around in the first inning, otherwise the dirt would be more kicked up in the third.

I would like to say with confidence that I think it's the 1st inning of the aforementioned game and that I'm a smart monkey.

2006-08-22 07:34:58
35.   Cliff Corcoran
I think 29 is better evidence that this is the second inning than 34 is that it's the first. Not that I, as the photographer, could honestly confirm or deny either.

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