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Web Site Redesign
2004-02-11 00:56
by Score Bard

I finally got the new design up. Whew!

I was getting pretty sick of the old look. This blog has been up for a year now, so it's time for a change. And the nominees are:

  • New color scheme.
    I don't know why I had red on the old one. It's my least favorite color. I wanted something more clearly associated with baseball. So I picked a color scheme to have an old-time scoreboardy feel to it. Or should I say, a scorebardy feel?
  • New logo.
    It's kind of a baseball field sliced in half, or something.
  • Tabbed navigation.
    I read somewhere that this is a good thing for usability. I hope so.
  • Related info area.
    One problem I've had is that if you put hyperlinks inside a poem, it distracts from the poem. Your eye goes right to the link. So I needed somewhere less distracting to put links. Off to the side of the page they go! Now all I have to do is go back through my archives and add those links everywhere.
  • New About section.
    Now in non-fiction flavors! Learn almost everything about me. Or not.
  • Updated Periodic Table.
    Any site I didn't visit regularly was replaced. Also, a mini-sized version on the home page.
  • They said 'Humbug'.
    The word 'humbug' has been replaced by 'B.S." in America. That in itself is humbug. I want to bring the word back. So to encourage its revival, I'll highlight any media use of the term on left side of the home page. ("Bah, humbug" doesn't count.)
  • Humbug Soup.
    A little anagram game. If people like it, I'll make more.
  • Mock Swedish Translator.
    In case you need it.
  • Updated Diamond Notes.
    A few more random sentences with the new look.

Some things I haven't gotten around to. These are the next things on my priority list:
  1. Fix any bugs on the site that I find.
  2. Draft Simulator '04. I hope to have it by the end of next week or so.
  3. Linkify archives.
  4. Present essays on aesthetics. I've got some ideas about how art works that I want to share, as soon as I get those other things done first. 

Please let me know if you see any problems with this site. I haven't tested this on Macs/Safari or Opera, so I'm particularly interested to hear if the site looks OK on those browsers. If the site is too slow to load, let me know that, too. Thanks!

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.