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toaster 'at"

2008-11-05 17:12
by Ember Nickel

How would it feel to fall if you could fit
Within a raindrop? It's a long way down
On such a scale. But when at last you hit
The street, you just explode into the town.

Another season came and went. They stop
And go each year, but never quite this way.
Another champion comes out on top
When we return to the last field of play.

The rain will soon give way to winter's snow.
Reality will storm, our bubble will
Be distant. But what comes and stops will go
And go again. The seasons rotate still

Each bringing some dramatics no one knew
Would happen, every year with something new.

2008-11-21 17:59:53
1.   68elcamino427
Don't stand by my grave and weep ...

For I am not there ... I do not sleep ...

I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glint of snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn's rain

In the soft blush of morning's light
I am the swift bird in flight

Don't stand by my grave and cry

I am not there ...
I did not die ...

And the wind ... cries ... Rhonda ...

For nothing else compares ...

Think Cure

2008-11-24 14:30:53
2.   68elcamino427
Mom ...

You are my best friend, my confidant, number one supporter, and knew everything about me
You knew me better than anyone else and at times better than I know myself
There are too many memories with you to pin point a favorite
You were always involved in my life as well as my brother's

You woke up every day smiling in a good mood fixing us breakfast and our lunches for the day
You taught me to be a morning person as you were
You made me give you a smile every morning - even when I was being grumpy

You taught me to enjoy the morning ...
The quiet, calm, and crisp cool air beginning to be warmed by the sun
To listen to the birds - the doves and the hummingbirds especially
You would say the birds are happy to be awake and I should be too ...

Your insight and perspective on life is incomparable
Whenever asked for advice you always had the right answer
Your nurturing and open mind as well as your understanding and concern for others at times bewildered me
Despite anything else going on in your own life you had so much empathy and sympathy for others ...
Even for those you hardly knew

You could find fun and shine positive light into every situation
You were a blast to be around
We could talk about anything
You are a kid at heart ...
You have a warrior's soul
You didn't allow anyone or anything to discourage you

Mom, you are without a doubt in heaven
I'm sure you and Grandma Flo are having a ball with each other once again

You gave so much of yourself to my brothers and me ...
We are so proud and honored to have you as our mother ...
We will miss you immensely ...
And we will take you with us as we continue to mature into three adults
Who are very fortunate to have been raised by you

2008-11-24 15:07:39
3.   68elcamino427
My Mom was an amazing person.
I realized this fact even more as I got older. I really don't know how she did it all.
She always made sure that me, my brother, and sister were well taken care of.
She took pride in the fact that we had good home cooked meals to eat every night, clean clothes every day, and a clean house to live in.
She took us to our baseball practices during little league, she dropped us off at three different schools in the morning trafic, and always found ways to pick us up right when the bell rang.
She was smart - and if she didn't know something then to the internet she would go.
She could have written excerpts for medical journals with all the research that she did.
That's how she was.

She loved unconditionally, listened to you, gave you advice when you asked,
and I think she always tried to treat people the way she wanted to be treated.
She loved to crochet blankets and read books before she would go to bed.
She loved nature ... going fishing in Mammoth ... taking care of her garden and roses.
She was always an early riser and tried to make sure that our days always started off with her seeing us out the door when we got older.

My Mom battled cancer for about five and a half years.
This battle made her even stronger.
She became more determined.
Most of the time if you saw my Mom you would never have even guessed that she was sick at all.
She took pride in that. This was obvious to everyone that my Mom came into contact with.
People she was close with knew that there was something different about my Mom -
something that not very many people have.
She had the ability to stay focused and determined, fight,
and always tried to find the good things out of even the worst of situations.

I think most of all - and maybe most important -
she was nurturing and caring in everything that she did,
from taking care of her family to taking care of her garden.
I will always remember her as my friend ... and the best Mom in the world.

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